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Green eBikes


Fancy getting out into the countryside under your own steam? Don’t want to walk or cycle? We tried the Green e-Bikes. They are based at the side of the old Central Market, at the back of the Provincial Hospital. Open from 7.30 am to 7.00 pm, they will rent out e-Bikes for $10 per day. It’s fun and easy. Hiring the bikes is simple, but it is worth booking if you want some at a busy time.

ebike(3)You get a short briefing, and you’re off. We’d both ridden motorbikes/scooters before, so it wasn’t hard. The main thing was we set an ambitious target to get round. The bikes have a range of about 40km, and we wanted to go about 35km. We were shown where the free recharging points were, and told we could recharge anywhere with a plug. However, we thought we’d make it OK. The main thing was to keep speed low (around 15 km/hr) to make sure we minimised battery consumption.

ebike(5)So off we went on a slow, countryside looking jaunt. It was very pleasant. We went along 60 Road, to Route 67. 60 Road was the boring bit, but there was still quite a lot to look at – cows, ducks and people fishing. Then it was North along 67. This was more rural, with villages and trees. It was in fact idyllic. At Preah Dak we turned back West. The village is a bit touristy, but we stopped a few times for drinks and to have a look around. Then it was South and back towards Siem Reap. However we did have the temples to look at, and that made a nice break.

ebike(8)All in all a great morning. I found one small temple near Pre Rup I’d never seen before, and it was a good day out in the sun. The bikes are very quiet, very relaxing and a joy to ride. It really gives you a chance to look round at the countryside which might have sped past you in a tuk tuk, or even on a proper bike. Due to the quietness, we were advised to use the run indicators whenever we turned. They made a beeping sound, which told everyone to look out – a silent machine was coming!

ebike(10)Oh, and the good news, we still had around 10km range left when we got back. PLUS, we have the bikes until 9.00 am tomorrow. We can recharge the batteries in our room, and take them out again in the evening. They are fully equipped with lights and the hire is a full 24 hours! This made one of the best days of the holiday, and was a lot of fun. It was relaxing and very enjoyable.

You can read all about them on their website here –