fotg130818(13)We hope you enjoy reading about our wonderful city. We keep you updated with the current stories as we hear them. We show you an insight into what is happening around the town. There are interviews with locals telling you about their life and work here. We list lots of things to do in Siem Reap, and plenty of Attractions in Siem Reap too! There’s a whole lot more than merely the temples at Angkor Wat – but they are well worth a visit and we cover them in an unusual way too!

ccat(17)We highlight things that might interest you, and show you something that you might like to see/do/eat/drink when you’re here.

Our aim is to showcase many different and unusual things that are here. We want you to STAY ANOTHER DAY. Better still, let’s see you COME BACK AGAIN!

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Cambodian Experiences

2Are you planning a visit to Cambodia anytime soon? Want some unforgettable experiences?

Cambodian Experiences offers ten unforgettable “things to do” in the Siem Reap area. From a party where you join with the locals buying their food, cooking and preparing it, ending up in the authentic “Khmer Pub Street” to a traditional Buddhist Water Blessing, C. E. can help you.

Cambodia has a terrible past. Sit and talk with a survivor of the genocide, or if you fancy something lighter, take a trip around the countryside to meet locals in their home villages.

Active? Enjoy their Biking or Hiking Experiences.

Whatever you want, Cambodian Experiences can help.

Contact via their website – , facebook, or telephone +855 (0) 17 266 766

Just Experience it!cambodian-experiences-exp