Ponheary Ly Foundation and Global Citizen Media Present:
Opening Saturday, June 29, 2013 at 7pm
The 1961 Gallery
Siem Reap, Cambodia

In a first of its kind event, budding Cambodian storytellers take you into fields, schools, and behind closed doors at home to reveal day-to-day life in the Siem Reap countryside.  Through their own eyes, public high school students participating in the Ponheary Ly Foundation and Global Citizen Media project, use digital media, and newly learned communication skills, to express the many aspects of countryside life in which the majority of Cambodia’s youth grow up in.
From a photo series documenting the painstaking construction of a house, to a simple series on cows transformed into pop-art, to video documentaries showing the enduring spirit of girls as they struggle for their education and another on what life is like when a village doesn’t have toilets, every piece marks only the beginning of these students’ journey to become more connected to the world, and in doing so, begin to see themselves more clearly.
The Ponheary Ly Foundation, in collaboration with Global Citizen Media, launched the student media program, one of the few of its kind in the world, in 2012.  Since the program’s inception, students have written, shot and produced documentaries that have debuted worldwide, winning awards in international competitions.  One documentary garnered first place and $10,000 in an international competition.

The student artists will be on hand at this event to showcase their work, and answer questions with guests.  Join them at this event to hear first-hand, and in doing so, inspire these young artists along their journey as they learn the power of their own words, photographs and videos on the rest of the world.
The show will run through August 28, 2013 at Hotel 1961.

Contact: Travis Thompson 092 141 700 or

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